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If you need guidance, don’t worry, the dedicated T-Mobile Customer Services call centre in Sunderland can help.

T-Mobile products and services

T-Mobile is a telecommunications provider. T-Mobile is currently owned by EE. When you purchase a phone from T-Mobile, you can choose to have it on pay-as-you-go or on a pay monthly basis. Some of the current pay monthly offers include the iPhone 5 for £29.99 a month and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for £32 a month. If pay-as-you-go appeals more to you, you can get the Nokia Lumia 520 for £129.99 or the Blackberry Curve 9320 for £89.99. If you order online, your product will be delivered for free. If you’re worried about setting your new phone up, don’t worry, just call T-Mobile Customer Services and they will be happy to help.
Some reasons why you may call T-mobile customer services:

•    To dispute extra charges on your bill.
•    Get help logging into My T-Mobile.
•    Get help using the internet on your phone.
•    Find out costs for using your phone abroad.
•    Report a lost or stolen device.
•    Technical help about a specific device.
•    Help setting up certain aspects of your phone- e.g. MMS, Internet or BBM.